• feb 12 | new entry
  • jan 28 | new entry
  • jan 14, 2023 | added 2 new pages, but haven't actually linked them, so if you're somehow seeing them, cool, sorry i will add them properly when i have more energy
  • jan 3, 2023 | HAPPY NEW YEAR! finally got do something new. replacing exit page with a new link system :) will make that more mine later. :)
  • dec 16 | okay switched my guestbook over to an actual email not my spam one (didnt' think that through) but lost some comments sorry :(
  • dec 11 | whoops been almost a month since big update hello! happy holidays! just replaced my movie collection page with a page of lists of books and movies instead. also since it's 4 am here, i won't be able to fully update everything like links but just wanted to do this page instead of sleeping like a normal person. it's been busy
  • nov 13 | updated some stuff and made my exit page a link page so more links! please let me know if it's slow or anything!
  • oct 23...11:05pm | okay added a credits page, some more links to other sites, and added some of my art around the site. hopefully they look good!
  • oct 23 | it's 4:35am i'm crazy but i finally added a couple pages to my lyrics page instead of sleeping. also a new sitemap and formatted vault page the previous day. oh and also an page full of older music and meme videos.
  • oct 14 2022 | added a gallery finally and a little pic to about. just silly stuff though
  • sept 16 2022 | revamped layout. should be easier for me to move and change stuff if needed. just needs some paint. but i'm a lot happier with it.
  • sept 14 2022 | yay finally added my saved lyrics page and a counter page. if you're interested visit my vault :)
  • sept 9 2022 | added shrine page, testing out some contact stuff (but eh) add some new buttons
  • aug 31 2022 | added some buttons and blinkies and pages and stuff to those pages lol sorry
  • aug 24 2022 | okay change index a little and added some buttons :)
  • aug 23 2022 | more pages are made they're in my vault. need to stop doing this late at night when i have work the next day 🥱 hopefully will make buttons and link to cool sites :) next time
  • aug 21 2022 added a new page linked in my vault page. added pokemon
  • aug 16 2022 | added a couple of new pages. they're ugly but whatever i rather have them made than never going around to doing it. :)
  • aug 7 2022 | added new blog entry. changed blog system. added links to sidebar. thinking of adding other pages such as shrines and other cool links

i forgot what's supposed to be in this box, so i guess it'll be my to do list for now:

  • make everything kinda pretty
  • change vault layout
  • add more links i guess
  • other boxes to-do's
  • maybe add a contact or guestbook page, idk
  • site map because my linking system sucks